Third Masterclass

Masterclasses (specialized courses) will be organized for students from the profile colleges in Romania and held by specialists in the field. We will have a number of 3 such courses organized in Bucharest.

In the case of master classes, the target audience is already knowledgeable and has the potential to train and improve in a smaller area of ​​the field. For masterclasses, the structure will be rather in the style of an analytical program, specific to an educational program, but using the best practices in the field of adult education, so that at the end of the courses the participants have acquired practical skills.

The specialization courses will have a total duration of 15 hours for each course and each course will be structured in 5 sessions of 3 hours each. Each course will address a certain specialization (eg: modeling, animation, rendering). The maximum number of participants for each course will be 12 people.

The topics of each Masterclass will be announced in due course.