Online Game

Out of our desire to bring the animated film in front of as many people as possible, we set out to co-opt the audience directly into the “manufacturing” process, so we propose a game that will win even more, the script of a future animated short film.

You guide our steps through the story, and we give it life.

The audience will first be presented with the first act, out of three, of an animated film script whose main characters are based on the two teenagers selected from competitions 2 and 3 and their pets, which will be made starting from to the winning drawings from competitions 5 and 6.

At the end of act I, the public will be able to choose between 3 variants in which the story can continue, the version chosen based on the online vote being the basis for the development of the scenario for act II.

Similarly, at the end of act II the public will be able to choose between 3 versions in which the adventure of the 2 characters can continue, the version with the most votes will be the basis of the scenario for act III.

At the end of act III, the public will be able to vote between 3 final versions of the story.

The action of the film whose script will be completed will take place in Romania and will describe the relationship between a boy / girl member of the majority (Romanian in this first edition of the festival) and a girl / boy belonging to a minority (cohabitant / emigrant / refugee in depending on the vote of the public) and their pets, the difficulties encountered by them due to their origins and how they were overcome.

Both the drawing and music selection contests and the online game are open to international participation and will be announced on media channels.

Registrations will be made on the festival website through a predefined form by the organizers.

The selection from the public will be made by vote and will also take place on the festival website.

All entries and songs can be accessed online on the festival’s online platform.

Votes can be watched live at all times.