Workshops for high school students

In order to be able to love or fall in love with any art form, you need first of all access to it.

We consider that the animated film is not shown at its true value and especially at its true educational potential. We think that we would rather let the talents discover themselves and that’s what they will do, thus failing to identify talents that we may never recover. Talent must be discovered and stimulated by those around you.

For these reasons we want to make a small introduction to the world of animated film creation in particular and cinema in general. That is why we challenged ourselves to bring in the eyes, ears, minds and souls of high school students – for this edition – something about this multidisciplinary art form, through presentation and information workshops.

The workshops set up by us will be 3 in each residence of county and 9 in Bucharest, will have an average of 24 participants and a duration of 90 minutes. They will take place on different dates, but will have the same specifics.

The activity will aim to facilitate the understanding by the components of the educational environment of the importance of an interdisciplinary dialogue and to familiarize young people with the world of cinematography and animated film.

For this activity, ABI Foundation will initiate a new partnership with the General School Inspectorate, together with which it has developed other educational – cultural projects. In the first stage, a documentation and a consultation with specialists in the field of animation film will be made, in order to concretize the component elements of each area of knowledge.

The workshops are intended for a younger audience, which must become familiar at a surface level with the processes and steps involved in making an animated film. Thus, for the workshops a structure of the type of program of activities will be drafted, activities that will be carried out together with the local coordinators.

We will constantly aim to involve the participants practically in a friendly way, trying to reduce the need for technical knowledge to a minimum. The activities will be oriented towards the basic principles of animation and will be more group activities, so as to ensure a high degree of training in activity and inter-relationship.