Chororo – music of Europe beyond prejudices

“Chororo – music of Europe beyond prejudices” is a short animated film that tells the story of a Roma boy who, in the 1940s, travels from Bucharest to Paris through a war-torn Europe, hoping to find his idol: the famous jazz guitarist, Django Reinhardt. The journey will change his life forever…

In his journey, the main character interacts with characters belonging to different nationalities and ethnicities. Not understanding each other through words, he communicates through music. Intercultural dialogue is the key element in this film product: the main character takes elements specific to the music of different peoples and incorporates them into his own music, becoming a composer himself.

The project was funded through the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, under the PA17 / RO13 Program “Promoting diversity in culture and art in the European cultural heritage”.

The film’s music is composed by Stian Vågen Nielsen – Norway and KMP 2000 Studio S.R.L.

The actors who made the characters exist:

Mădălin MANDIN – Zavaidoc; Cristina-Mariana PARASCHIV – Maria / Melanie (French); Monica Odagiu – Melanie (Romanian); Aurel SANDU – Zavaidoc’s father; Șerban Petre PAVLU – The German officer; Ovidiu Marius COJOCARU – Michel (French); Mihai Mititescu – Michel (Romanian); Adrian DIMA – Ion / Matron / English pilots; Adrina-Evdochia PITEȘTEANU – Countess; Lucian Mihai IONESCU – Officer / Soldiers / Russians; Dana-Maria MARINECI – Aunt Mathilde; Ion KIVU – The Old Jew; Cosmin-Teodor PANĂ – Agent / Musician.

The musicians who performed “Cine iubeşte şi lasă”, “Cucuruz cu frunza-n sus”, “Doina din pădure” and “Piatra-i piatrǎ”: Natalia SFETCU, Robert Marin PÎRCĂLĂBESCU, Vasilică BORDIANU and Marian Bogdan BORDIANU.

Radu CAPTARI performed the song “Ocii Ciornaie”.

Project partners: Romers Rettigheter – Norway;

Indicators development partners: Hyperion University, Bucharest – “Geo Saizescu” Faculty of Arts; „Mihail Sadoveanu” Secondary School – Brǎila; „Aurel Vlaicu” Secondary School – Brǎila; „Vlaicu Voda” Secondary School – Brǎila; „Anton Pann” Gymnasium School – Brǎila; „Ecaterina Teodoroiu” Secondary School – Brǎila; „Mihu Dragomir” School – Brǎila; „Mihail Sebastian” High School – Brǎila; Bucharest High School of Informatics; Bǎrcǎneşti Agricultural Technological School, Prahova County; „Danubius” Technical College Corabia, Olt County; „Mihai Eminescu” Gymnasium School Corabia, Olt County; Theoretical High School European School Bucharest; “Mircea Santimbreanu” Secondary School, Bucharest; Gymnasium School no. 7, Bucharest; SC GERULA INVEST S.R.L. through Garlic Pub – Bucharest; SC RED CARPET EVENTS S.R.L. through the Odeon Palace – Bucharest; Bucharest National Association for Contemporary Visual Arts; ParteR Foundation – “La Scena”; European Cultural and Youth Center for UNESCO “Nicolae Balescu” Bucharest; SC VESUVIUS F&B S.R.L. – Brasov; Tour D’Art Association; Napuca Septem Association; Ratiu Center for Democracy – Turda; “Con Sabor” dance school; Coquette Theater – Bucharest; Oltenia Museum – Craiova.


49 cultural events organized or during which the film was screened.

15 educational units in which the film was screened.

2 online screenings attended by 1015 people from 26 countries.