Kristina Cepraga, ABIFF Executive Director

Kristina Cepraga Goodwin is the executive director of the Bucharest International Animation Festival – ABIFF 2021.

“It will be one of the most important events in the world of animation in Romania. I am a consumer of animation, from Disney or Pixar to local productions that I discovered with this festival. It is a magical and colorful world, with which the difficulties and vicissitudes of life are easier to face. The world of technology is beginning to keep us away from human contact. We live more and more in a bubble as if stuck somewhere in a virtual server. ABIFF 2021 will bring for the first time the opportunity to interact directly with the guest artists, so that young people can face in an interactive drawing, music and screenwriting contest, all of which are awarded in various sections of the festival”, says Kristina Cepraga.

Kristina Cepraga Goodwin graduated from the Hyperion Faculty of Theater and Film in Bucharest. After graduating, she enrolled at Cinecitta Acting School in Rome and began performing more in Italy, her adopted country, in theater, film and TV series. At the same time, she enrolled in the directing school “Sentieri Selvaggi”.

With two of her short and medium-length films – “Destino” and “Tamara,  Echelon” – she represents Romania and Italy at several festivals around the world and wins several international awards.

She currently lives in Bucharest, where she continues as an actress, curator of artistic events – Bucharest International Film Festival, but also other cultural and social projects.