ABIFF Interviews – Radu Igazsag

Director Radu Igazsag has become a prominent figure of the “80’s generation”, by spectacularly diversifying the themes and techniques of Romanian animated film.

He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cluj and made his debut with his generation colleagues Zeno Bogdănescu and Olimpiu Bandalac with the film Calligraphy (1982) and won international recognition thanks to the award obtained in 1985 at the prestigious Hiroshima Festival for Family Photos ( 1983).

His next film, Tocirea (1985), a translation into images of the poem of the same name by Nichita Stănescu, was banned, being presented to the public only in 1990. Radu Igazsag also made, together with Zeno Bogdănescu, a series of music education, Universul muzicii.

In the 1990s he directed relatively few films, such as Nuca and the Wall, At a Barrier and the Bobor (2004), an original adaptation of Caragiale’s sketch, made in mixed media.