ABIFF interviews – Vasile Lupașc Sfinteș

We invite you to find out more about how a historian, writer, 8-time world karate champion, turned his attention to the animation area, being inspired by the famous basketball player Kobe Bryant, who won an Oscar with the animated short film “Dear basketball “.

Vasile Lupașc will tell us about how the animated film “Story about Vlad Țepeș Drăculea” was born, with which he won the grand prize at RATMA Film Festival in Great Britain. We worked for 7 months on the 6 minutes of animation, the screenplay being written by Vasile Lupașc, and the direction, animation and artistic concept of the film being signed by Elena Ciolacu.

The animated short film will run throughout the year at the Vlad Țepeș Drăculea Galleries, which were inaugurated in July, in Sighișoara.

Don’t miss an impressive history lesson from Vlad Țepeș’s period, offered by this contemporary historian.