ABIFF interviews – Nico Bonomolo

We invite you to learn more about the experiences of a successful animator on the way to the Oscars.
Kristina Cepraga, Executive Director of the ABIFF Festival, will have invited Nico Bonomolo, the director of the animated film “Confino”, who was selected in the long list for the Oscar.
So far, “Confino” has won a total of about 40 awards, the producer of the great Lucky Red house, Andrea Occhipinti, even coming up with the co-production proposal.
Nico Bonomolo is a painter and illustrator by profession and released his first short film “Lorenzo Vacirca” at the age of 35, winning the Taormina Festival and New Italian Cinema Events.
So far he has made 5 short films, currently working on a black and white animation of 10 minutes, whose main character is a sailing boat captain.