ABIFF interviews – Dana Duma

Dana Duma, the famous professor of film history at UNATC – Faculty of Film and a renowned film critic, editor-in-chief of the main magazine “FILM”, comes to ABIFF interviews to share about her special connection with cinematic art and especially with animation.

In this sense, in 2020 he published the volume “History of the Romanian animated film 1920-2020”, which represents the first step of this kind undertaken in Romanian culture in relation to an important part of a cinema, the animated film.

In this special volume, Dana Duma emphasizes the notoriety gained by Romanian film worldwide through one of the great creators of animation, Ion Popescu Gopo, the first Romanian to win a Palme d’Or award.

In addition, Dana Duma brings back to memory forgotten names of Romanian animation, a more pronounced experimental dimension revealed by the animated film, the incorporation of poetic universes or unusual materials, such as plasticine or glass, but also the contribution of chromatics. , sometimes filtered by lighting, or graphics, the “drawing” that further specifies the relationship of animation with the visual arts.

The event is organized by the ABI-Foundation within the project “Bucharest International Animation Film Festival – ABIFF”, funded by the EEA Grants 2014-2021 under the RO-CULTURE Program, the call “Strengthening cultural entrepreneurship and audience and public development” ( session 1).