ABIFF interviews – Manuela Cernat

Kristina Cepraga has invited Manuela Cernat, a great personality of the Romanian cultural world, to the ABIFF Interviews.

As part of over 150 international and national film and television juries, Ms. Cernat has won dozens of awards, including the Award for Film Criticism of the Romanian Filmmakers Association (ACIN) in 1980 “for the historiographical and promotional activity of cinema young man”.

Manuela Cernat will tell us more about her “magic lantern” as a child – the first contact she had with color animation, about the meeting between actors and the cartoon from Gopo’s films and about Jean Negulescu, one of the top 10 Hollywood directors.

The extraordinary films that the Romanian animation school made after the establishment of the Animafilm studio will be one of the main topics of this wonderful interview.