ABIFF interviews – Sebastian Cosor

Renowned animation director Sebastian Cosor comes to ABIFF interviews to tell us about his great passion for animated film, when he was born and what generated it, considering that the first cartoon character he animated was Donald Duck.

Sebastian Cosor has stood out since 2010, when he was Creative Visual Effects Supervisor at MediaPro and made the animated short film “The Scream”, with which he won awards at several festivals, including Anim’est, Filmul de Piatră and Anonimul .

In 2013, he opened his own visual and animation cooperative, Safe Frame, with 4 other friends. This was followed by the “World War Cup” – 20 minutes of adult entertainment, in which two veterans remember the last days of World War II.

We would also like to mention the animated feature film after Gellu Naum, “Apolodor”, but we better let Sebastian tell us more in the interview given to the International Animation Film Festival – ABIFF, which will take place between 9 -11 July 2021 in Bucharest.