More than 1,000 spectators, adults and children, enjoyed the second edition
of ABIFF - Animation Bucharest International Film Festival, which took place from 26-28 August with special and simultaneous screenings in 15 cities across the country

On Sunday, August 28, the second edition of the ABIFF – Animation Bucharest International Film Festival – was concluded with the presentation of the winners of the international competition of animated short films, followed by the screening of “Forbidden to Dogs and Italians” (France, Italy, Switzerland, 2022), directed by Alain Ughetto, winner of the Jury Prize at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival.

The festival, under the artistic direction of Mirona Radu, was organized by ABI Foundation, Mockra Productions and Creatrix Fama, with the support of UPFAR ARGOA and DACIN SARA, from 26-28 August with special and simultaneous screenings in 15 cities across the country: Bucharest (Cinema Muzeul Țăranului, Cinema City AFI Cotroceni), Pitești (Cinema Trivale), Sinaia (Cinema Carpați), Cluj Napoca (Cinema City Iulius Mall), Timișoara (Cinema City Iulius Mall), Brașov (Cinema City AFI), Arad (Cinema City), Bacău (Cinema City), Brăila (Cinema City), Buzău (Parc Crâng), Constanța (Cinema City Park), Galați (Cinema City), Ploiești (Cinema City Shopping Center), Târgu Mureș (Cinema City), Suceava (Cinema City). More than 1,000 spectators, adults and children, enjoyed the films included in this year’s programming.

During the closing gala, the winners of the international short animation competition were announced by Radu Nicolae, Romanian producer and screenwriter, member of the jury together with Mariia Makarova, screenwriter and producer from Poland, and Vivek Kalyan, producer from India.

Best Thematic Film Award (the theme of the festival since its first edition has been the relationship between minorities and the majority, the festival aims to propose an exercise in empathy and solidarity through a cultural and creative context), offered by ABI Foundation, worth €600, was awarded to the Polish animated short film – “We hope you won’t need to come back”, directed by Anastazjia Naumenko, a moving animation based on a strong concept around the subject of migration and adaptation to a new environment and a new country.

The DACIN SARA Best Director Award, worth €600, went to director Yevgeni Nadtochey for his animation Tarantella, from Belarus, creating a truly engaging short film with stunning direction and animation, using rhythm, humor and irony at a high level.

The ABIFF 2022 Trophy (Best Film Award), offered by UPFAR ARGOA, worth €1,000, was awarded to the French short film “L’Amour en plan”, directed by Claire Sichez, bringing to life the story of many modern-day married couples with tenderness and at the same time firmness.

This year’s edition of the festival focused on promoting Ukrainian artists by including a presentation on Ukrainian animation throughout the ages, as well as two feature films – “Victor Robot” and “Gulliver Returns”.

Ukrainian director Anatolyi Lavrenishyn’s feature film debut – “Victor Robot” will be screened in an ABIFF screening at the 14th edition of KINOdiseea – International Film Festival for Young Audiences, 14-18 September at Cinema Gloria.

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