Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What should the drawing illustrate and in what position should the character be?

A: The drawing must illustrate an entire figure (from head to toe). The position of the character can be static or moving, as long as all the elements of his figure can be read.

Q: Does the drawing have to contain a background?

A: The background must be simple or non-existent, in order to highlight the character as well as possible.

Q: What theme should the character have?

A: The theme of the character remains at the discretion of the creator / author, surprise us with unique ideas!

Q: How many character ideas can enter the contest?

A: If you have more ideas, you can submit up to 5 papers. Each material must be sent separately, not on the same page.

Q: What technique can be used to illustrate the character?

A: The creator / author can use any character illustration technique: traditional (on paper), 2D digital, 3D, sculpture, collage, the limit is just your imagination!

Q: Can I copy the character elsewhere?

A: The character must be original and not copied from another creator.

Q: In what format is the drawing submitted? If it is in digital format, at what resolution? And in the traditional format (drawn on paper) how to submit?

A: The format of the drawing is A4 210 x 297mm / 21 x 29.7cm. In the case of digital format, the resolution must be 300 ppi, RGB format. In the case of the traditional format, the recommendation is that the illustrations be scanned, but they can also be photographed, as long as the format is followed and the work is clear.

How to vote:

1. Each work can be voted only in the period indicated for this operation, on the abiff.ro website, in the Contest Gallery section.

2. Each user can vote once every 7 days, only one work entered in the contest.

3. Each work can be promoted on social networks to get more votes. For Facebook, this operation can be done directly via the Share button (which appears below the photo entered in the contest, after clicking on it). For other social networks, the unique link of the photo entered in the contest can be used (it is the link that is obtained after clicking on the photo).

4. Any voting fraud discovered by the organizers leads to the disqualification of the work that obtained benefits as a result of the fraudulent operation.