Valid as at 01/09/2020

1. Competition Organiser and Regulations

1.1 The Competition Organiser is ABI Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “the Organiser” or “ABIFF”), a Romanian foundation, with its registered office in Romania, Bucharest, Pictor Arthur Verona Street, No. 21, adopts the following Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “the Regulation”). By making any submission to any of the Competitions organised by ABIFF through this website ( or otherwise, each person (whether individual or body corporate) AGREES and CONSENTS TO THE TERMS & CONDITIONS set out in full or incorporated by reference below. All references to “Competition” shall refer to any section of the Competition organised by ABIFF and generically to all of them.

1.2 Competition Participants are obliged to comply with the Terms and Conditions of this Regulation. A ‘Participant’ is any person, whether individual (of any nationality or usual residence), body corporate or unincorporated association (when trading under a distinct name) however and wherever organised, making any artistic submission or application to be considered for any competition organised by ABIFF by whatever means, including the electronic submissions through the website

1.3 The Regulation is available free of charge to any interested party and Participant and can be consulted at, in the section dedicated to Competitions or dedicated to each Competition separately.

1.4 The Regulation consists in general rules and conditions that apply to the competitions and applies in addition to the particular rules governing the running of each competition, as listed at article 3.

1.5 The Competition is deemed to be organized and takes place on the Romanian territory.

1.6: By submitting an entry for the Competition, the Participants agree to all terms and conditions specified in this Regulation.

2. Duration of the Competition

2.1 The Competition takes place between 01.10.2020 and 31.04.2021 (hereinafter referred to as “the Competition Period”), in compliance with the provisions of this Regulation, unless otherwise specified in the particular rules published with respect to a particular section.

3. General requirements for entry

3.1 The Competition consists in a number of 11 individual “contests” or separate “competitions”.

3.2 Each listed prize competition has an individual set of rules that must be met by each enrolled Participant, consisting in terms of registration, specific conditions to be met for the submitted video material and personal conditions for Participants. Each such set of rules is hereby incorporated by reference.

3.3 There are eligible for Participation all individuals regardless of age and citizenship or residence, that submitted the materials as requested bellow.

3.4 Natural persons under the age of 18 must obtain the prior consent of their legal guardian to enter the competition and (upon request) must sufficient provide evidence of such consent.

3.5 A Participant can submit materials for every individual competition, without taking into consideration the number of registrations, as well as the number of materials. Every registration must contain only one submitted material. [A Participant can only have one entry into one single section of the Competition, unless otherwise specified]

3.6 Materials entered into individual sections may be drawings, video, or audio-video materials, etc., as specified with respect to each section. The types of materials submitted for the Competition are:

  • drawings in .jpg format, dimension A4;
  • audio files in .mp3 format;
  • mov / mp4, encoder h264, max. 20000 kbps constant bit rate, ideal resolution 1080p (1920×1080) and sound: AAC 48kHz / 16bit;
  • scripts in fadein or equivalent;
  • subtitles in .doc, .docx format.

3.7 Each entry is free of charge. 

We don’t charge any entry fees.

3.8 In case the registration of a Participant does not meet the registration requirements and/or technical requirements for the submitted material, the Organiser reserves the right to either reject the application and/or the material automatically or to contact the Participant in order to request compliance with the entry rules.

3.9 The Organiser reserves the right to reject any submitted material automatically containing one or more of the following without being required to justify to Participants its decision:

presents scenes of sexual violence and cruelty;

presents the violation of the law or any way in which it could be violated;

encourages drugs, alcohol and/or cigarettes use;

promotes racism, sexism, homophobia, ethnic or social discrimination;

has an offensive, abusive, indecent, slanderous or obscene character;

can harm a person, business or enterprise;

presents public figures or celebrities, in a way that the character is easily identifiable in an objective way;

presents real or fictitious advertisements in the work either plainly or in a concealed manner;

features any product, brand, name, logo or recognizable image or text and/or any mark or symbol suggesting the work of another person and/or entity;

the same material was submitted prior in the Competition by the same or other Participant;

may otherwise be in breach of any rules issued by the Romanian Broadcasting Authority (“Consiliul National al Audiovizualului”, or “CNA”) or otherwise expose the Organiser or any distributor or publisher of the materials to any sanction by CNA or any other authority on account of the contents of the materials.

3.10 The Participant is solely liable and shall indemnify and hold the Organiser harmless for any possible disputes regarding any intellectual property, image or related rights concerning the submitted materials and for the accuracy of all data provided to the Organiser, including but not limited to: name, surname, telephone number, email address and other personal data, parental or guardian consent, declared in the Competition for the purpose of participation and validation of prizes in the case of winning Participants. The Organiser will admit any liability for disqualifying the Participant in connection to erroneous or insufficiently verified information.

4. Requirements for Individual Contest Sections

4.1 The Organiser may adopt separate sets of rules regarding each section of the Competition and publish them upon opening each such section for submissions, and each such set of rules shall be deemed incorporated here by reference.

5. Designation of the Winning Materials

5.1 The winner of each section will be chosen after viewing every submitted material of the eligible entries by a jury consisting of the members included in the rules published with respect to that section. Members of the jury may be any person deemed by the Organiser in its absolute discretion to be suitable for the purpose, and may include (but need not to) employees and/or collaborators of the Organiser or employees and/or collaborators of any Competition Partners.

5.2 Each judge will give a separate and independent grading for each submitted material for the individual competitions, according to such grading system as adopted by the jury in accordance with these Terms and the materials with the highest score per individual competition will be the selected winner.

5.3 In the event of a tie, the final decision to nominate the winning material per individual competition will belong to the president of the jury. If a winner may not for any reason be determined in accordance with these rules, the winner will be determined by the Organiser in its absolute discretion.

5.4 For each Competition, the jury will select 1 winning material and 5 reserve materials eligible for winning.

5.5 Each section shall have published criteria used for orientation by the jury of such section in determining the winner. However, the jury of each section remain free to use its absolute discretion any other criteria (unless unlawful) to determine the section winner.

5.6 The use of methods that are created to produce an unfair advantage to some Participants gives the Organiser the right to disqualify that Participant, without the right to compensation and without obligation to give notice. Therefore, if the Organiser has indications that a Participant is engaging in or attempting to engage fraudulently, illegally or dishonestly in the Competition, including, but not limited to engaging in any activity or manipulation thereof, the Organiser is entitled to take appropriate action and shall have the right to disqualify that participant in the Campaign, regardless of the outcome of the competition. Nevertheless, the disqualification is not an exception of the article 8.

6. Prize

6.1 The Organiser will contact the Winning Participants at such email addresses provided at the moment of the entry within a maximum of 24 hours from the moment of the selection of the winning materials, in order to provide them with details about the winnings, to confirm the identity of the winning Participant and to give details about the prize.

6.2 If the Organiser will not be able to get in direct contact with the Winning Participants within a maximum of 24 hours from the moment of contact, the Participants will be declared non-winners and the Winning Participants will be contacted, in the order of winning designation. of their materials chosen as reserve.

6.3 The Organiser waves any responsibility in the event that the Winning Participants does not respond to emails sent by the Organiser for any reason or for any situation in which he will not be able to be contacted within the time limits mentioned in these Regulations.

6.4 Organiser will aim to effect payment of prizes within 24 (twenty four) days from the award ceremony for such prize provided that the Winning Participants supply valid bank account details in a timely fashion and subject to any delay caused by the payment of such award by a Competition Partner.

7. Taxes

7.1 Each Participant shall be solely liable for its own taxes as assessed by any local or foreign authority (including any withholding taxes levied by a country other than its country of tax residence) and undertakes to ensure payment of such taxes promptly at its own costs and indemnify and hold harmless the Organiser against any claim by any tax authority in connection to such taxes. The Organiser reserves the right (but not the obligation) to withhold any taxes from any announced or awarded prize, if so obliged under the law or any official instruction or if otherwise more commercially or practically convenient.

8. Intellectual property matters

8.1 Each Participant declares and guarantees that they own all copyrights and personal rights required by the applicable legislation related to the submitted materials and that all licenses, permissions, releases and consent have been obtained prior to submission unconditionally sufficiently to permit the use of the materials in the manner set out herein.

8.2 Upon completing the registration form and submitting the work, Participants declare that the work submitted by them is their own intellectual property, and warrant that it does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party.

8.3 Each Participant guarantees to, and shall hold harmless, the Organiser and any Competition Partners (who are hereby expressly authorised to rely to exercise this right directly as a third party right) against any loss could be cause by the use of the submitted materials in the manner contemplated herein.

8.4 By the fact of participating in this Competition and electing to submit any materials to any section of the Competition, each Participant unconditionally and irrevocably assigns all copyrights  and all rights related thereto, attaching or related to the submitted work, to the Organiser, on a non-exclusive basis, for all legitimate purposes, including, without limitation: to inform the public, the fixing, distribution, rental, modification/editing of the materials or any other operations decided by the Organiser, and hereby irrevocably consent to the Organiser further assigning any rights received from the Participant onto its Partners, funders, distributors or publishers. The assignment of copyright and related rights will take place at the time and by effect of the submission of the work, without the need for further formalities and without the payment of any additional remuneration for the acquisition other than the benefit derived by the Participant from the potential promotion of the work and the eligibility to participate in the Competition Prizes, in each case, agreed by the Parties as being valuable, sufficient and adequate consideration for the assignment agreed hereby. The rights assigned to the Organiser may be exercised freely, without limitations in time or space.

8.5 The obligations agreed above at art. 8.4 shall be interpreted in each case being undertaken “to the maximum extent permitted under any applicable law” and shall be interpreted in such manner as to permit their legal effectiveness and efficacy, where not unreasonable to do so. The Participant and the Organiser agree that and acknowledge that it is their joint intention to promote any work submitted by a Participant by granting sufficient rights to third parties to permit them to use them in their own promotional materials or to broadcast or otherwise publish them as they consider fit. As such, to the extent that the assignment agreed above at art. 8.4 does not operate for any reason (whether formal, legal or practical) the Participant and the Organiser agree to conclude any further agreement or deed or issue any consent or permission which would be necessary or desirable to give effect to their joint intention as expressed in the preceding sentence.

9. Amendment of the Terms and Conditions

9.1 The Organiser reserves the right to amend this Regulation or to suspend/interrupt/extend at any time the unfolding without the right to compensation and any amendment will enter into force after the date on which it was made public through the same communication channels through which the Regulation was previously made public.

9.2 The Organiser does not assume any responsibility for the Participants’ knowledge of the changes that have occurred during the Competition, as long as they are displayed on the Organiser’s website. The Participant undertakes to consult the website regularly to apprise itself of any changes.

9.3 In the event that the Competition is interrupted or suspended for any reason, the Organiser will offer the prize to the Participants until the date of suspension or interruption, in accordance with these Regulations.

10. Publicity

10.1 Participation in the Competition implies the agreement of the winning Participants that their names and image may be published and used free of charge by the Organiser in any advertising materials and be dealt with in any manner permitted or contemplated by its Privacy Policy in place and valid at the time of each use.

11. Complaints and disputes 

11.1 Any complaint related to the Competition will be addressed in writing to the Organiser, at the registered office address specified in article 1.1. or by e-mail at within 10 (ten) days from the date of which occurred the claimed event.

11.2 Any complaints must include the identification data of the Participant, as well as the factual complaint reasons.

11.3 Any disputes between the Organiser and the Competition Participants will be settled amicably or, if this is not possible, the disputes will be resolved by the competent courts in Bucharest, Romania.

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